Back to the Heart of the Matter...

I deleted my blog a little while ago, thinking it was somehow irrelevant. Perhaps it was my frustration at setting myself and expectation to post in a particular way that I was somewhat "failing" at.

But, wait, stop. I hear my heart say. Let's get back to the heart of the matter.

What is this space, if not for sharing this journey in whatever form it seems to be taking? Perhaps this space is for me, my soul, my heart, my mind. And perhaps it is for you, too. Wherever you are, reading this... if you found your way here then I am trusting that I have something to say that may touch your heart in some way. That this space can be a place of connection.

Oh, my, that word. TRUST. Here it is bubbling to the surface yet again... along with the words, "Oh ye of little faith".

It's such a challenge, isn't it? To trust our path, to trust the Universe's divine timing, to trust that the right people will cross our path at the right time. To trust in the vulnerability of being REAL and authentic and showing up even when it seems a little... messy. Oh especially then, because that is when we most feel like hiding. That is when we most feel like "waiting it out", being unseen, just waiting, waiting, waiting, for things to feel clearer or less... well, scary.

Let's just keep going, yes? Let's just keep taking the small steps forward, the small steps back to the Heart of the Matter.

What does that look like to you?

For me, I think it means simply doing my best to show up, when I can. Despite the nagging fears telling me that I should keep waiting. Because I suspect that if I listen to that, I could be waiting... well, forever! Embrace every part of your story, even the parts that seem irrelevant... perhaps we will look back one day and realise those moments were more relevant, valuable and important than we realised at the time.

Let's listen to the Heart instead of any fears bouncing around our heads, yes?



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