Overthinking clouds intuition...

Finding moments to set aside for this practice of writing has been a challenge.. but I'm determined and so here I am, sleeping baby in my arms and ready to allow space for my thoughts to flow.

Painting with a newborn is creating some interesting challenges for me, but also it is a whole new level of learning too. I'm trying my best to stay open and receptive to the types of messages and 'lessons' that are emerging in the midst of this new dance between the realities of mumma-hood and all the other demands of life. I'm choosing as often as I can to view everything with a sense of curiosity, and it has allowed some interesting 'ah-ha' moments.

Where I once could spend hours in my studio painting and contemplating and listening in for 'soul messages', now I find myself having to practice the fine art of tuning in at a moments notice. It's an interesting lesson in itself. And actually come to think of it, it is helping me learn how to just stay more 'plugged-in' in general. Perhaps thats the key.

It was some time in the early morning the other day that I kept hearing the message "Just stop overthinking". And then I started trying to understand this more deeply. What is the real issue with overthinking? Besides the obvious overwhelm, stress and discontent that comes with it. And then I realised that above all of these things... overthinking clouds intuition. It makes me come back to what I was writing about last time - be bold, be courageous, be true. Is overthinking helping you hide? It's interesting how it does that. Overthinking creates a fence on which we can often comfortably sit for too long. Logic and intuition don't always go hand in hand. Sometimes it does, and usually it eventually does. Sometimes (for me, most of the time) acting out of intuition doesn't always makes sense. It doesn't always feel comfortable. And it takes practice to ACT before analysing. What if you were able to tune in and act before confusing yourself with too many thoughts? How would that look or feel?

What action is your intuition guiding you towards?

How can you check in on your motives? Are you waiting or saying no because your intuition is guiding you to or are you doing so out of fear?

If you allow it, your intuition can guide you into greater expansion and soul growth than you can 'think up' yourself. It's human nature to back away when things seem too challenging, overwhelming or vulnerable. But what if we could learn not to?

I totally hear you - it's hard to stop overthinking every little detail! It goes against so much of our human conditioning... it requires too much trust, too much faith, too much vulnerability. Too much uncertainty.

But! This has me wondering...what if you could harness this energy in a context parallel to your reality? As in not trying to tell your mind to stop thinking about that super complicated and serious situation in your life (I'm sure you know how well that works), but rather finding another avenue in which you can almost 'practice' a new way of be-ing. For me, this is what often happens on my canvas. Actually, it's what always happens. For example, finding a sense of spontaneity, embracing the unknown, experimenting, being playful, open, and mostly, 'getting out of my head' and tuning into my heart-space. The most amazing thing is that this ALWAYS has a flow on effect in my life.

What do you think would work for you? Perhaps you respond more to music, dance, exercise, writing, making things with your hands....the list is basically endless.

In which place can you practice ACTING before overthinking?

How can you allow this to be a place to harness the ability to separate your intuition from your thoughts and to develop a greater sense of trust in following its lead??

When we allow ourselves to live from our innate instincts and intuition we can open ourselves to a greater sense of being in the 'flow' of life, as well a a deeper sense of confidence and contentment.

It's not an easy path, but I think it's worth finding our way onto it...


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