Acknowledge. Release. Reclaim. (A light meditation)

I've been easing myself into this year a little more gently than I usually do (hence it's almost February and this is my first post!). I realised early into the year that I had no choice really but to surrender to the fact that I needed to do that. Slowly, I have been diving deeper to observe and reflect on where I really am at. It takes patience to really do this... patience and compassion. Can you relate? Or maybe you've been making yourself busy and haven't allowed yourself that time. What happens if you slow down long enough to notice what you are telling yourself on a daily basis? Is it uncomfortable? Scary? Unnerving? Or is it kind, understanding, positive? I've been remembering what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in her book BIG MAGIC... about getting curious.

What if we get curious about our emotions? I've been doing this recently, and wanting to understand how to use my gift of sensitivity with more purpose and more consciously. I've noticed that so often we place such negative attachments to emotions. If we notice that we are feeling angry, sad, depressed, anxious, fearful, jealous, ashamed... it's so easy to spiral downwards and start beating ourselves up and rejecting those feelings. We believe these are ugly things to feel, dirty, unattractive, low. Except that they are human, and there is a reason we experience the full spectrum of emotions at different times. I've been really challenging myself to stop that spiral lately, and to actually just MEET whichever emotion keeps coming up. Instead of allowing myself to go into self-judgement and criticism, I have been choosing to look at the emotion and just notice it. How would that be for you, if you could acknowledge whichever emotion is coming up without judgement, without criticism... but rather with curiosity, compassion and awareness.




I've been using these three words as a basis for my meditation over the past couple of weeks, and it is making a huge difference to me. I thought I'd share it with you! Here is a little guide to the light meditation I've been practicing...

Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing and how your heart is beating. It might take a few moments to tune into this...

Start traveling through your body, noticing where you might be feeling any tension, discomfort or 'blocks', consciously bringing awareness, without judgement.


Ask yourself gently: what emotions am I experiencing in this part of my body? Tell yourself: It is safe for me to experience any emotion.

What colour would this emotion be? (The first colour that comes to mind is usually the one that resonates the strongest).

Now begin to visualise this colour moving through your body. Visualise it moving with your breath. Notice where it is travelling and also if and where it is getting 'stuck'.

Depending on how you are, you can also start asking what this particular emotion is trying to show you. If it's too much still do this then just move on to the next part.

RELEASING: With each breath, visualise this colour leaving your body little by little. You can gently rub the place/s where it has been feeling 'stuck' (e.g. your stomach, your chest, your throat...) and visualise it slowly releasing and moving with your breath.

RECLAIMING: What emotion would you like to replace this one with? (E.g. if you are feeling anxious, perhaps finding a sense of calmness or peace). What colour would this emotion be? If you're not sure, you can also work with white light. Visualise that with each breath in, your body is filling with this new colour. Visualise it filling each space inside your body, slowly melting away and replacing any of the other colour you were visualising. Reclaiming a state of be-ing that is more aligned with your true essence.

I'd love to know how you go? Is this helpful? What other kind of meditation do you find helpful for processing or shifting emotions and energetic blocks?

With love and light xx

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