This is the word that has been challenging me over the past few weeks. It seems to tumble around, fleeting from moment to moment, difficult to grasp on to and hold tightly. This is how it has felt, but today (deep breath), today I am noticing an ever-s0-slight shift. It is a shift in my own awareness, my own intention, my own focus.

It is a re-remembering of truth.

A reminder to take a step back and look closely at the stories I am telling myself. The ones that are standing out the most alarmingly are the "I don't deserve" ones. The ones that tell me that hoping is dangerous and will only lead to being hurt.

But no. This is not truth, it is not in alignment with what I believe - at all. So the search begins. In quiet, in contemplation, in consideration.

Why do these stories have such power over us? Where do they come from? How can we begin to let them go?

Today perhaps it starts with this awareness and perhaps that is enough for just now. Perhaps then, piece by piece, these stories will transform until they are held firmly together by truth.

Gently, gently. Hope returns.

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