Sometimes the progress is silent

Dear Kindred,

I've been so quiet lately, I know. I naturally feel the need to apologise, but I hope you will understand. Sometimes it is all too easy to get bogged down in the how's and why's and what if's and should I's that it's easy to become discouraged or disheartened. I know I can be impatient and once I make my mind up about something I want it to manifest now. Or at least, see the progress. Perhaps it's because I believe so fiercely in the process of what I do, the soul work. So today, I want to just share what I'm learning, or should I say, "re-remembering":

Sometimes the progress is silent.

Dreams must first unfurl

sink roots in the deepest place of your being

in your energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical...

complete existence.

(It can feel like it's not happening at all.)

Stand still, feel the inner workings;

Have faith

at the right time,

in the right season,

in the right moment,

the first shoot will break through the surface.

Be ready -

be the light you are,

now, in the inner spaces,

and then, in the wide open fields,

in the forests,

the cities,

and all the places between.

I tell you as my gorgeous friend just told me: It is all there, it has always been there. Hold on in the moments between, and know, it is coming. That thing your soul is waiting for, dreaming of, desiring. Be patient and diligent and orient yourself toward truth: Do whatever it takes to remind yourself that you do deserve to create a life that you love living. We've become so accustomed to believing otherwise, to believing it should be all struggle. Your dreams may not manifest overnight (actually, you can be pretty certain of this), but that's because we first must do the ground work, the soul-work, the inner-work. The progress may be silent, but when you tune in, you will feel it pulsating in the deepest part of your soul. It's an undercurrent that is not always visible from the surface, especially to you, but it is there.

Let's do our best to tune in, to listen, to feel... and to respond with curiosity and courage in each moment as it unravels.

Love and light to you from my studio - I'm off to paint!

M xxx

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