Let's consciously expand, yes?

Dear Kindreds,

I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about this space... the online world of websites, blogs, social media platforms. I know it is such a gift that we have in today's world, to be able to connect with others whether near or far in ways that we couldn't otherwise, and I'm super grateful for that. I'm just feeling this slight sense of removal... there has felt like there has been some kind of barrier that I haven't quite been able to put my finger on. I hope you'll bare with me while I try figuring it out... I'm going to be changing the way that I write here, I think. It's a scary thought, but my deepest, deepest, heart-centred, soul-centred desire is that my art can bring light and joy to your heart, that I can connect in a genuine and authentic way in the journey that these paintings take me on... and that you might join me in that journey too! So I'm thinking of writing these as letters to you... because, really, that's what they are. What do you think?

Yesterday I had a stall at the Kirribilli Art & Design market for the first time. The whole experience opened my eyes and my heart in such a profound (and quite an unexpected) way. I had so many interesting and insightful conversations surrounding the art process as well as the sometimes scary step of putting your work out there into the world. There were conversations about feelings of competitiveness, rejection, worth and value and even about the more "taboo" subject of money. The entire time, I was doing my absolute best to remain centred in my soul and allow my higher self to do the observing, speaking and feeling...something that has been somewhat challenging for me lately. Doing this yesterday really allowed me to consciously expand, to challenge some stories and beliefs that do not serve me (AT ALL) yet have been difficult to shift. I'm grateful to have had this experience, because it has totally helped me to take a step forward and has given me some clarity surrounding what I'm doing as an artist.

I'm determined to hold onto these little pieces of clarity and insight and to keep moving forward. I'm determined to keep consciously expanding. Have you ever experienced this? It's like looking down from a totally different perspective, a birds-eye view, and realising you better change course quick-smart before you head down the "not-so-good-path" as Dr. Seuss says (one of my fav books: Oh, the Places You'll Go!). I feel like in so many ways I just did a total 180 in the last 24 hours... completely unexpected (although so reflective in my most recent paintings like the one below)... so please excuse me if I'm rambling slightly, I'm a little dazed.

(Above: Inner Landscapes I, 40cm x 50cm. part of recent series)

I have so much I could say... but right now I just want to say THANK YOU... if only that word was big enough to encapsulate the amount of gratitude I actually feel in this moment. At the beginning of this year I set the intention to EXPAND and to be SEEN... and I am already feeling this happening. Each step I take seems to be having the most incredible ripple effect outwards... and I'm so grateful! Right now, I'm taking the time to be consciously grateful for the way that life is supporting me, for the way that you have connected with me and allowed me to be seen, and for the infinite possibilities that lay ahead of us all too.

I really want to hear from you... let me know how you're going? We're in this together guys, how beautiful is that? It is totally hard to shift, change and re-shape our mindsets and the old stories and beliefs that no longer serve us... I know, and I know it's not a rosey path...but I really believe wholeheartedly that it is possible... tell me where you're at... I believe these conversations are so important. Let's consciously expand together...yes?

Love, Light and immense gratitude to you all...

M xx

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