A yearly affirmation & a little glimpse into my studio...

I have spent a large portion of this week reorganising, sorting, preparing my studio for the coming year... with the main objective to clear enough space (both physically and energetically) to commit to my intentions for this year.

Do you do this? Set intentions (or a word) for the year? I've tried choosing one word in previous years but this year I've chosen a couple and used them to set myself a clear intention/ affirmation that I hope will act as a compass as I move through the year.

I am open and receptive to opportunities that allow me to EXPAND and to be SEEN.

To EXPAND. Change can feel uncertain, scary, daunting and overwhelming. It can also be highly rewarding, exciting, enlightening and deeply satisfying. I have been offered incredible opportunities to see this intention manifest in big ways this year though - both professionally and personally. It's terrifying and exciting simultaneously. Already this is calling me to act from my higher self and to trust in my capabilities rather than allowing stories based in fear and doubt to take over (a process I know is going to take some time). I am choosing to stay focused and grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself and step over the horizon into the unknown - the place where know possibilities abound and where the true magic happens. Where the expanding happens.

To be SEEN. This is a big one for me, as I know it is for many people. Obviously this involves quite a bit of vulnerability. Even more than that though, I'm coming to realise how much TRUST is involved in this act of being visible. Trusting your own judgements, choices, perspectives... trusting your own process. I'm realising there is a delicate dance between vulnerability, trust and visibility. Trust (in yourself) enables you to take courageous risks, to be brave in your actions, to step out into the arena and be seen, despite the otherwise crippling vulnerability that can come from doing so.


This is old green and turquoise chair was one of my Grandma and Grandpa's. They used to sit in these chairs in the sunroom and wait for me to get home, nomatter what time I finished uni...I always felt so welcomed. The memories of this chair brings so much warmth and love to my studio, and it makes me happy to finally give it a proper 'place'. It's quickly becoming my place for contemplation and for gaining perspective throughout the creative process!

I did my best to capture my favourite time of day in my studio, but no picture really adequately shows just how beautiful the light is as it filters through this space. It magically beams right across my workspace... it gives such incredible light and truly fills my soul too.

....ah, and I can't forget this little one. She's one of my studio assistants (the other will make an appearance another day I'm sure)! This is Molly, my crazy-silly-funny-naughty-but-oh-so-sweet pup (ok, she's not really a puppy anymore, but you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you that). She loves nothing more than to be wherever I am, and so she often curls up in my doorway, beside my chair, or on my feet (perfect in winter!).

Ok, that's a little glimpse... but let me know: What would you like to see? Would you like me to share something else in particular about my process, my space, my work? And I'm curious to know what your hopes are for this year, or what your word of the year/affirmation/intention might be! I really hope that this will be a space for us to connect and to chat too, so please feel free to comment or send me an email... :D Let's help each other keep going and keep persevering to reach our goals!

With peace, love & gratitude,

M xx

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