Live your hearts out WIDE.

Yesterday I had a market stall as part of Create or Die's second Raise the Roof event. It was inspiring to meet genuine and authentic people, who live from their hearts and live their hearts out wide. Sometimes living our hearts out wide, letting it all come out whether messy, hard or pointy seems dangerous. Risky. Unwise. Just plain unacceptable and uncomfortable. After all, that means being vulnerable, right? It's easy to fool ourselves into thinking that to be "professional", to be "successful", to be "strong" we need to be "together"... to have all our edges tucked up neatly, all our imperfections concelled beneath a glossy surface, to have our emotions and our personalities in check (a mentality that basically implies that we should "watch out, whatever you do, don't show that you're human"). How often do you think, "if I just get this part of myself together then I'll be ready to..."?

What if we just did it (whatever it is) anyway?

What I experienced yesterday was just that. Real people, authentically sharing themselves. This included the other artists I had the privilege of meeting, who shared pieces of themselves through spoken word or song or art... as well as those who came and chatted throughout the day. It reminded me of how art has the power to connect people. How it calls to and speaks to the deepest parts of ourselves... our hearts, our souls, our truths. I caught myself loving this exchange (more than I had anticipated, I admit).

I was reminded of what is at the heart of what I do in my studio. That art is not a solitary process... it is an exchange. A dialogue. A conversation that may begin in the studio but is never complete until it is seen.

SEEN. And being seen, truly seen, is not easy. It requires us, more often than not, to step outside of what is comfortable, easy and certain. It requires us to live from our hearts rather than our heads and to live from our truth rather than our fears. What I realised yesterday was that my soul has been craving this kind of exchange, and I've been finding every excuse as to limit it.

I'm incredibly grateful for each and every conversation that eventuated yesterday... it has given me a new perspective, and a new determination and motivation to keep moving along this path. To keep sharing, to keep being seen.

We are all worthy of being seen.

Thank you so much... to every single one of you... I have no more words, just gratitude.

With peace, gratitude & creative light to you all,

M xxx

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