"Everything has a season"?

Hi there,

Anyone else as happy as me to finally be soaking up the warmth of the Spring sunshine? It's such a welcome new season. Today I have been thinking so much about the various cycles in life. In the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, the author (Clarissa Pinkola Estes), talks about the life/death/life cycles that we experience. It takes me back to days growing up where we were told that "everything has a season". I've come far enough to consider those words without cringing, and to even appreciate the truth they hold.

I've been reflecting on how as humans we tend to hold on so tightly to each season, each "life" cycle that we are currently in. It doesn't seem to matter how well it is working for us or not, as long as it has a sense of familiarity or certainty. As long as it gives us a sense of stability. We endure a lot for the sake of keeping things steady, constant, permanent. It only takes a quick look into nature to realise this is not actually the natural order of things.

In nature, there are life/death/life cycles everywhere. I believe we are very much the same, if we are willing to accept that. Sometimes nomatter how tightly we wish to hold on, we must pry open our hands and allow ourselves to experience the shifts that will propel us into the next phase. To allow parts of ourselves to change... to end... is the phase that makes it possible to open up the possibility of new life. New beginnings, new possibilities. It is the only way to keep growing, to keep moving forward rather than treading around the same old track endlessly and wondering why we haven't really reached where we had hoped we might.

At the moment, I know my hands are gripping on tight, even though deep inside my soul I am craving this shift. Perhaps it is just the uncertainty of how exactly to let go, not knowing how to trust that when I finally peel back my fingers that I wont just fall. It's taking time and patience and compassion to talk myself around, to gently ease my grip, to slowly act in faith and trust this particular life/death/life cycle that I'm in. Yet though my knees are sometimes wobbly and my hands are a little shaky as they grip the last of these threads, as I prepare for a new phase, I know that it is ok. Actually it's more than ok! It's part of the journey I am on, and the internal challenges of stepping out in faith and trust are a vital part of this particular transformation into the next new phase. And I'm peering over the edge with an undeniable level of yearning and excitment at the same time, I know that this is what my soul needs. Freshness, renewal, revival, growth.

How about you? What new seasons and new cycles are you welcoming in little by little? I hope you will find the courage to allow your grip to ease and open your arms wide to the potential that these shifts have for you. I would love to hear how you help yourself move through these transitions in life...!

With peace, love and gratitude,

Meredith x

P.S. Read below about the 30% donation I'll be giving to the UNHCR over the next two months... I wanted to add it in case anyone missed the newsletter or IG post. (Do you receive either of those? You can sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar). New work will be released in my shop THIS Wednesday, the 23rd September (including the new painting, 'Renewed Hope' pictured above).

This painting reads: "Deep within me is an infinite well of love. I send love out".

The devastation that is being experienced by so many in our world is heartbreaking. I know that for most of us it feels like there is nothing we can do... it is hard not to feel completely helpless and hopeless. While thinking about this today, I came across this little painting that I did awhile ago and it was exactly the reminder that I needed. I can help. We can help. By responding with love and compassion. This painting reads: **"Deep within me is an infinite well of love. I send love out"**. While our efforts, so far away on our safe shores, can feel so trivial and small, I believe the intention behind our actions carry across greater distances than we can ever know. And at the end of the day, every little thing we can do to contribute is better than doing nothing at all.

I have decided 30% from all sales from my online shop will be donated toward the humanitarian crisis occurring in Syria. Donations will be made to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR - http://www.unhcr.org). I am also planning a project that will aid in creating awareness and support for this cause... updates to come SOON!

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