In the spirit of ASKING.

I recently watched Amanda Palmer's TED talk about 'The Art of Asking'... and I thought I would share it here. Something about what she shared really struck a chord with me personally. I'm still kind of sifting through the thoughts that it stirred up. What is it that makes ASKING so confronting and difficult as an artist? Or just in general, personally?

How many of us shy away from asking for what we need?

I wonder what is truly at the heart of this. One of my strongest most closely held beliefs is that we are all connected...and that authentic connection to others is what helps us grow and to become aligned to our own truth. In other words, we aren't meant to be isolated and alone in life. Yet, again and again I'm struck with this contradiction and this sad realisation that our society now seems to often work counter to this. Making yourself vulnerable feels like a risk, rather than an exchange. It feels scary and uncomfortable to ask. Because, as Amanda says, "asking makes you vulnerable". When did we stop understanding and acknowledging the exchange that occurs when someone is authentic, vulnerable, honest and open?

When did the fear of not being worthy or 'good enough' become so deeply planted in our hearts? I know I'm not alone in feeling these fears and doubts. These conversations come up so frequently. How do we overcome this? Perhaps this is what strikes me so much... Amanda's ability to recognise, acknowledge, appreciate and ACT on the knowledge that by sharing ourselves, by asking, we are offering an invitation for an exchange that honours one is fair. We are inviting ourselves and those around us to encounter each other in a real and authentic way. This is what turns the fear of RISK into TRUST.

I hope this can become a conversation, because I want this to be a turning point for myself. Rather than continually being afraid of sharing, of asking, of being visible... to offer the invitation. And to know that some people may walk away. But some may stay and become part of that personal exchange.

So THANK YOU... for being here, and being part of this... I hope you will share your thoughts with me too... :)

Love & Gratitude,

M xxx

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