A new year: Time to change shoes.

Beginning. Mystery. Perspective. New. Joy. Anticipation. Fresh. Hope. Bright. Bloom. Clarity. Renewed. Present. Awake. Organised. Optimistic. Lively. Surrender. Accept. Aware. Release. Welcome. Potential. Growth. Connection. Faith. Consciousness. Sacred. Memory. Possibility. Possibility. Possibility. Possibility. Possibility. Possibility...

These were the words that I had conjured up in my mind and heart as I had reflected on the past year and set intentions for the new year. I spent the next couple of weeks blissfully floating in these intentions, thinking about how great this year was bound to be now that I'd put aside my old fears and decided to adopt a more positive and confident outlook................

Can you imagine what happened?

With a sudden jolt I realised that these words were not actually how I felt... not completely, anyway. What I felt bubbling back up to the surface was fear, apprehension, uncertainty and yes, even dread (how on earth was I actually going to do this?!). This was going to be the year I would take action. Take steps to carry out all the goals and plans I've been creating over the past two years. I'd step forward with shoes filled with hope and courage. Confidently.

And yet.

I felt myself stuck in my old shoes of doubt and fear, heavy, heavy, heavy shoes that make it so hard to take even one little step. (Do you know the ones?). I felt like a fool (and a fraud!) for thinking I could step out of those shoes so easily.

But here is where it all started to make sense, for me anyway. After pages and pages and pages of writing and thinking and painting and writing and painting and thinking, I felt a sense of clarity returning. What would be the best way forward?

I believe the best...actually, the only way forward is to simply...BEGIN. (Not exactly complicated, right?).


Take one small action that honours who you really are (not the you in the fear-filled shoes, or whatever shoes are stopping you!). Because the truth, as uncomfortable as it can often seem, is that you (YOU) are actually supposed to be fulfilling your souls purpose. And you KNOW that you do actually believe in it.

And this: You have every right to live your dreams, and no right NOT to!

It's in this understanding that I am realising that you must do whatever you need to do to step into new shoes... the shoes that allow you to move forward more fully as YOU. And that means sharing who you are authentically, with hope, courage and confidence. And that is exactly what I intend on doing...

You in?

Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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