Amidst the crazy, there is still light!

There’s a reason we surround ourselves with the people that we do.

This is becoming increasingly evident to me over time. Sometimes we make poor choices about this and allow people to enter our space and our hearts that don’t serve our highest self, and who bring us down and make us question and doubt. Sometimes there’s a reason we do this – usually from the ‘ego’ and not the soul. These people usually help us feed our existing insecurities and fears and can make us steer off course quite quickly (which keeps the ego super content and satisfied no doubt).

And then there’s people who we allow into our space and hearts that remind us of who we are. These people remind us that it’s ok to stand apart from others. Who remind us of what it means to live and act from our highest self. Who remind us that there is a reason to stand up for what we truly believe and to keep doing our souls work – whatever that may be.

So today I realised that amidst the “crazy” that seems to be circling around, we truly need these people.

Do you know the “crazy” I’m talking about? The crazy that has so many people living in fear. The crazy that has people being judgmental about others based on differences. The crazy that has people living small. The crazy that has people forgetting the bigger picture. The crazy that makes life seem overwhelming and defeating.

This has been the world I’ve been living in for the past few weeks. And it’s awful. I’ve had enough of it. I’ve had enough of wondering how on earth what I’m doing can make a difference. I had enough of feeling like I’m “never going to get ahead”. I have had enough of being fearful and anxious. I've had enough of all the limiting self-talk and criticism. I've had enough of feeling defeated. I’ve had enough of all this “crazy”.

I’m not entirely sure how to move away from this though. That’s the honest truth. I’m usually a very optimistic and free soul. But all this crazy has entangled me a little. Or a lot. Sometimes completely. So I begin the slow process of untangling myself from this mess.

With everything that is happening in the world, all the “crazy” and awful and horrendous things that are unfolding, there is a definite contrast that is becoming more and more visible. And what I realised, while having brunch with a good friend, was that we really do…completely…need to surround ourselves with those people that will help us respond to all the crazy from our highest selves. From our deepest truths. From a place of compassion and caring and love, rather than fear and worry and judgment.

This is a reminder to myself (and whoever else this speaks to!), that in this process of disentangling, I absolutely need to protect the space around me and my heart. I need to find a balance of being vulnerable without compromising who I am. I need to continue on, slowly and with consideration, my souls work…without apology. And I need to know my place, that it is ok to stand apart…and to know that I am not alone in that place, that there are so many who are standing side by side with integrity and light. Where do you stand? And how will you respond to all this crazy? I hope that despite all the things that are happening around us, that we can each learn to respond with compassion and love and not fear. After all...

“The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable” – Oscar Arias

....And amidst all the crazy, there is still light, still hope and still love.

With much love, peace and gratitude...


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