Lost Inspiration?

Today I just felt like I needed a change of scenery so I packed up my computer, along with all the millions of thoughts that have been racing through my mind, and came to one of my favourite little cafes to catch up on all of those little things that just seem to have slipped by me the last month or two. Like updating my shop and writing my blog!

Ahhh... it's not that I've had nothing to say, quite the opposite, actually. I've had so much on my mind but have had no idea where to begin. {I'll be honest, I still don't know}.

One of my beautiful friends said to me a few months ago, "how do you always seem so inspired?" It was a lovely compliment really, but it has been one of those comments that has lingered in the back of my mind. Not in a bad way at all, it has just been.... present. It has made me wonder at the way that we go about life, the way that life can become so incredibly FULL and without even knowing how, different pressures can build up and the "fullness" of life can become overwhelming. Almost defeating.

(maybe you just feel like doing this ^)

What I've been noticing is that I have actually not been feeling very inspired recently. How's that for honesty? But perhaps this is a good moment for me to think about this, as I write to you. Because what I know is that inspiration doesn't just appear like a magic ray of goodness beaming down from the sky (although maybe that's possible). What I know is that inspiration comes from action. This is probably what makes me feel so frustrated when I'm feeling inspiration-less, when I'm feeling drained and deflated and pulled down by all that FULLNESS that I mentioned. Because I know that I have the power to change that...or at least lessen the impact.

I'll pause here for a second, because I don't mean that there is some kind of magical wand that can take negativity away and suddenly - POOF! - you're happy and positive and wonderfully inspired...

But I do believe that we can take the small steps that lead us toward the possibility of abundant joy and inspiration. I have learnt that the smallest of things can have such a profound impact. I know that when I make the choice to make a small shift in how I approach my day it can completely alter the way the day (or my experience of it) unfolds.

I know that it's not always that easy to make those small shifts, we can become quite entangled in negativity... in the "daily muck"...that it can be difficult to navigate your way out again. And it is especially hard when you are feeling exhausted by it all. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that making these shifts doens't require us to be perfect first. It doesn't require an extra 4 hours a day. It doesn't require us to give out any more energy. Maybe it just requires gentleness. Compassion. Breath...SO:

Allow gentleness. Have a rest. Take a little bit of time to recharge. Have a nap. Read an inspiring magazine. Show compassion (for yourself and others). Do something kind for yourself. And then for others. Breathe. Sit in the sun. Relax. Draw a mandala. Have faith. Say affirmations. Centre Yourself. Go for a walk. Do yoga. Meditate. Relax.

{let me know -- what else would you add to this list?!}

Make it a daily practice to choose at least two things that will set you on a path toward the possibility of abundant joy and inspiration... I'm going to do my best to do this too - I'll let you know how I go over the next few weeks and I'd love to hear from you too... what helps you stay inspired? :)

Peace, Love, Joy & Gratitude... xxx

(P.S. Check out my shop which I JUST updated today -- lots of sweet little mini artworks perfect as a little gift for yourself or for someone else...!)

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