Time to renew, recharge, re-fill...

When life seems to be speeding along at such an incredible rate, being given a little gift of time can seem like a huge, huge, huge, blessing. As much as I totally love my job (I work in the most beautiful of Preschools ever, it is like my other home and my other family!), yesterday I was gifted with a little early mark. My thoughts immediately went to my long 'to-do' list - it is truly remarkable how our brain does that, right? On the way home, though, I did my best to do some "looking-in" and realised that I actually did feel quite 'depleated'. It had happened without me even really noticing that much. So, arriving home I put away my to-do lists and all the things I *SHOULD* do in favour of what I felt my soul needed. I sat down at my {very messy} studio desk, and immersed myself in some guilt-free painting... at last. I wasn't painting for anything or anyone, just for myself. I let go of what it looked like and went with what it felt like. This painting has been sitting on my desk for a LONG time now, and I've had such a sense of hesitancy about it... it was so good to let that go and open myself up to letting it evolve in its own new direction. Words like 'awaken', 'rise', 'open' and 'spirit' floated around this painting... I felt space open up in me. I felt myself being 're-filled'. A few hours went by, without a single moments hesitation or guilt...and total gratitude filled me.

I guess this was a much-needed reminder of just how important it is to really take care of ourselves...our whole selves. A reminder to pay attention on a soul-level and take time to re-fill, renew, recharge and re-awaken. A reminder to take a little time, regularly, away from all the to-do lists and *shoulds* and just allow ourselves to BE and to listen to what we need.

I hope you have a chance to give yourself a little gift of time too, and listen to what YOU need over the coming weekend... How will you re-fill and renew? Tell me below...or send me a message!

*Peace, Love, Joy & Gratitude*


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