Re-writing your stories...

I've been writing blogposts for awhile now, and when I came across an article about making video posts, my immediate reaction was: I'm never doing that! So, an hour later I found myself making my first video post (just to prove myself wrong). I decided to face this again today, and chat about some of the reasons I'm doing this. We all have our own stories that need re-writing - this is just one of mine! Please excuse my occasional fumble with words and all... this is still so new to me, and it's such a learning process...(I'm hoping it gets easier with time...). Anyway, welcome to my {messy and chaotic} studio...

What stories have you collected in your life? Which ones do you wish you could re-write... and how do you think you could (because you CAN!)?

Would love to hear about it - you can post a comment below or chat with me directly by email!

*Peace, Love, Joy & Gratitude*

Meredith x

#art #facingfears #rewritingstories #studio #artistvideo

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