Rainbows and Intentions

Hey there friends,

What did you get up to over the weekend? I had such a great weekend hanging out with my beautiful kindred spirits (my soul sisters!) in the Blue Mountains for the winter magic festival. So much fun! It was so great to just enjoy BEing with these beautiful souls (I'm so lucky!).

Anyway, over the past couple of days, I've been thinking about this photo that I took quickly of the double rainbow we saw at the end of the day on Saturday. What is it about a rainbow? In crowds of people, so many people stopped to capture it. Since I've recently been thinking a lot about symbols I started to think about the symbolism behind rainbows. (Pretty fitting following a winter magic festival where rainbows are seen - and worn - everywhere!).

So a rainbow can symbolise a bridge. A journey's end, of peace and calmness, and can be a symbol for cleansing too. The rainbow can also symbolise the seven colours of the chakras. You can read more about all this over here - so I wont keep going too much!

I have to say, that coming back from this weekend, I did kind of land back in reality with a crash. Not for any particular reason, really, but it just felt a bit overwhelming. So this week I'm remembering to take care of myself - both physically and energetically. I'm remembering to take one step at a time, to take a breath and to trust in the process. With a very long "to do" list, I'm learning to allow myself to navigate through with gentleness and care, rather than judgement and criticism. Maybe I can remember this with the symbol of the rainbow too, knowing this is all part of a journey and I don't have to wait to feel the peace and calmness that comes with reaching the 'end', but can experience it along the way too. Maybe it's not so much about reaching the "end" of the rainbow but the journey of being in it.

What intentions are you setting throughout this week? How will you navigate through your 'to do' lists? I hope that you can move through the week with compassion for yourself and for others, to feel a sense of calm and peace even if your week is busy and chaotic and full!

xx Peace, Love & Gratitude to you!

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