SUCCESS: It's ALL about authenticity...

Hey there,

Do you wonder about SUCCESS? What does it mean to you?

Over the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about the notion of 'success' quite a bit myself. This word can encompass so much, and often we actually forget about the important parts. We think about success as a societal norm, as earning money, as having a particular kind of 'status', career, relationship, family etc. But what about the success of simply following what you feel compelled to do? As I've been working in my studio quite a bit more, and finding the balance between my career as an early childhood teacher and an artist in general... I can actually say that I can feel my stars beginning to align. I actually feel a sense of success in the realisation that this is possible: I don't have to give up loving my job to also be a "successful" artist. Is this success? I guess in many ways it is. And yet there is more to it (of course). Because with this "aligning" comes more vulnerability...and with this vulnerability, comes a certain level of 'fear' (of course, right?!). For example...I've worried about being "too present" -because let's face it...noone likes having their newsfeed totally bombarded! - and how do I be 'present' in the most 'real' way possible? And I've felt a sizeable amount of fear surrounding the image people might have of me, even down to my friendships (actually, mostly in relation to my friendships!). What if I lost friends because their "image" of me changed?

Yet, what else is there to do but to keep going forward despite the discomfort, the awkwardness and the vulnerability? Finding my way through authenticity is leading me to some pretty solid "breakthroughs" (both on the canvas and in my life). What I'm realising, more and more, is that what people respond to IS this sense of authenticity. It really doesn't matter what you are doing, where you are in your life, your career, your's the way you are moving through these things. And slowly, slowly, slowly the 'vulnerability fears' begin to dissipate. If you are honouring who you are, following your heart and living authentically...then I think that you can say that you are 100% successful. And the rest will follow.

Live authentically!

*Peace, Love & Gratitude*


{The image above is a recent mixed-media artwork, titled, "Her Stars Aligned" and is available in my shop! :) }

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