Being Intuitive AND Organised... What?!

Hi there friends,

I'm slowly getting my new blog feature on my website up and running, and hopefully over the next few weeks everything will be working much more smoothly (cross your fingers for me!)

I've been soaking up some extra time in my studio with a few days off, and it has been so great to have some time to "fill my well" so to speak (I'll write more on that soon, I think!). Even though I've been working away at getting things organised - including working on my website! (eek!) - it's been so nourishing too. I have spent a lot of time over the past few days cosying up in my studio - painting (YES!), drawing/doodling in my journal, writing, reading, snuggling my puppies, dancing around my studio to get myself moving (don't judge till you try it :P, it works!)....and making myself a schedule.

The word "schedule" can kind of sound a bit...out of place (?)...beside the phrase "intuitive painting" or "intuitive artist"... but oh my, more and more I'm realising just how necessary it is to schedule my time. Otherwise, basically life just takes over and soon you realise you've spent nearly no time at all actually painting or just genearlly taking care of yourself. Yep, life is just plain busy and hectic and WOA it can spin outa control if you're not careful (for me anyway! And I'm sure at least some of you can relate --- and if not... come on, share your secrets with us!).

Anyway, when you are someone that finds it hard to say no... scheduling can actually become quite a liberating and down-right CRUCIAL thing to do. I see it as just another way to remind yourself of what is important, and what priorities need your attention NOW. It helps to keep you focused in the present moment, rather than trying to keep track of the hundreds of things you have to do. If I'm in my studio, I wanna be there 100%, right? And if I'm at work with the Preschooler's I work with, I wanna give them 100% too... etc., etc.

There is so much out there about finding a "balance", and of course there is because it is so important. So when you're making that schedule make sure you're paying attention to ALL your priorities, including how you are going to take care of yourself (otherwise pretty soon you'll realise you have nothing much left to give). In fact, that should pretty much be your number one priority right there, all the rest will flow after that! Get in tune with yourself, show yourself some love and then...get on with it!

You can totally be INTUITIVE and ORGANISED!

Tell us how you manage to keep your balance, be intuitive and stay organised by adding a comment below!


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