I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the kindness, support, encouragement and beautiful feedback that has been offered to me. Connecting is really at the heart of why I create, so I am forever grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. To know that something I have created has brought colour and light and joy to your world, in whatever way that it has, brings me such happiness. 



"I am blown away by your paintings...They seemed to vibrate off the screen when I went to your gallery page... I feel a particular affinity to/impact from Grow, Connect Within, You are Worthy, and Release, but I think Fly, Fly, Fly is my favourite right now. I always love seeing other artist's work, but seriously, I've not had paintings bounce around my head like these - they are beautiful and powerful... I just wanted you to know how deeply moved I was by your work." - David



"OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!......I just got the painting.  I opened it a half hour ago and I am still freaking out!  I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  It's so beautiful, even more beautiful in person!  And thank you so very much for the framed print, it's lovely!  That was a great surprise, and I appreciate it so much.  



You've made me so happy, and I hope to buy more of your work in the future.  You're amazing!  You've made my day.... and my week!  I have the painting sitting on the mantle of my fire place right now!  I'm sure it will be the focal point of the room, as well as an inspiration to me everyday!

Wow, it just makes me so happy!  I am thrilled, and I will treasure this painting forever." - Lisa



Hi beautiful thank u soooo sooo much for my bag and print !! So happy I love both of them so much xxxx :) - Sang



I absolutely love Spring Bloom! It's such a simple image but has so much interest and depth to it that I didn't see on my screen when I stumbled upon it on Pinterest months ago. Such a beautiful piece that I treasure! - Lesley














"So today this happened, after having not picked up a brush or dipped my fingers in paint for years. FUN!! Painted directly from my intuition, I love it! It looks so much prettier (and smaller) in real life! 


Having no attachment to a visual outcome is so foreign to me! Completely letting go and painting from my heart was magic! Can you see the angel? She appeared by accident, perfectly. Thank you Meredith for being such a divine guide and artist, along side me!" - Nicole Newton




"Letting go of outcomes, of perfection, of technique and my own expectations and judgement, especially in the act of creative expression, presented an enormous challenge for me !


The workshop with Meredith urged me and encouraged me to simply put paint on a canvas. I turned a corner, pushed through fear and layers of sadness and loss. She listened to me and affirmed my apprehensions, while gently guiding and advising me.  I experienced a relief and a quiet joyfulness I have not felt in long time. I also created two paintings, my paintings !


The workshop is an creative and inspiring experience. Meredith provides a physical and metaphysical space to be free and unfettered, authentic and expressive. She also provides some beautiful, practical and personalised tools to take with you. I was and remain rejuvenated,  my spirit lifted beyond words.


Essentially, I now look forward to more paintings, my paintings !


A resounding thank you, Meredith.  


Linda xo"



"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and gained a lot from our session. I feel much more trusting of myself and less afraid to leap into my art, knowing I am truly supported on all levels. Your session gave me a lot more confidence. You also inspired me to set up a proper comfortable space, music included. Ill send you a shot of it. 


Thanks also for the paint advice I will certainly order from blick. I am going to take your good advice re the art journalling too. I will make up a bank of sketches of shapes and objects that I can use in my artwork.  I'm sure that will improve my drawing skills as well." 


- Krystyna Hickey


Dear Meredith,
Luella received her beautiful artwork from you in time for Christmas and she just loved it - we all did! It was more beautiful than what it looked online and that is saying something Thank you again so much. What a wonderful, generous spirit you are - the real thing. I will send you a picture of Lu Lu with her painting.
- Colleen.

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