Hi, I'm Meredith!

I have always been drawn to seeing beauty in the ordinary – when I was little I think I drove my parents mad because anytime there was any kind of spring clean at our house, there I was trying to salvage random objects just in case I could “make something” out of them. I would have visions of turning them into sculptures or painting them. I was always in search for some creative endeavor, I didn’t care what it was. Fast forward to high school and my inner perfectionist told me I wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t until I left school I picked up a paintbrush to answer that deep yearning to just make something. It was a form of meditation, searching, questioning, making sense of myself and exploring the satisfaction of just being in the process of creation. It took me a while to find a creative voice that seemed to really ‘fit’…


Now, the act of painting brings me to life; it fills me with curiosity, wonder, joy and an insatiable desire to see the raw potential and possibility within each moment - the imperfect beauty of the everyday. It is a spontaneous, playful and authentic process of being present, open and aware. My work allows me to be a conscious witness to my everyday life. I am increasingly drawn to the world of abstraction, exploring what I like to consider ‘inner landscapes’ – paintings of the soul. I enjoy working with a range of surfaces, sizes and mediums – using whatever my hands are drawn to in the moment. This may include acrylic, ink, pastels, pencil and more. My work uses colour, texture and contrast to explore spiritual and energetic elements – including darkness and light. 


I am also an Early Childhood Teacher and the curiosity, wonder and freedom children possess in the creative process is truly a magical thing. Seeing the world through the eyes of children is a constant inspiration for me, especially now that I am a Mumma! My little girl never ceases to amaze me and inspire me to pursue my Soul's desires. I hope that in doing so that I can show her that it truly is possible to do what you love in life, and that by chasing wonder you can make beautiful discoveries along the way. 


"I encourage the child within me and I am always waiting for surprises"

- Margaret Olley

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Meredith Mallin Painting

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